Project Staff

Maddie Kim

Maddie Kim is a PhD student in English at UC Berkeley, where she studies Asian American and medieval literature. Her writing appears in They Rise Like a Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women WritersThe Evergreen Review, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s The Margins, and elsewhere.

JD Hoyt

Project Staff

JD Hoyt is a Project Coordinator for the Center for Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry (CICI), and they serve the following programs: the Asian Pacific American Religions Research Initiative (APARRI), Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion (BCSR), and Program in Critical Theory (CT). JD is a first-generation, nontraditional college graduate who studied English literature and Scandinavian Studies at UC Berkeley and graduated in 2018. Since graduating, they have worked in office and project management. In their spare time, they enjoy community organizing, reading speculative fiction, hiking, playing D&D, and learning several languages at once.

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