Grants and Fellowships

Grants and Fellowships

APARRI will be supporting the growth and development of scholarship and public knowledge on Asian Pacific American religions. These initiatives serve three primary interrelated functions: building and diversifying scholarship, strengthening the academic pipeline, and promoting public engagement.

APARRI Research Grants

Research Grants

Competitive research grants will fund new projects on APA religions, prioritizing the scholarship of pre-tenure faculty and research that covers understudied groups and topics in APA religions. Funds can be used to support research leave (sabbaticals).
Deadline: November 15, 2022

Working Group Grants

To foster collaborative research, APARRI will fund small scholarly working groups that focus on a topical theme. Working groups are expected to produce a tangible product that furthers the scholarly and public knowledge of APA religions such as an edited volume, a co-authored article, a podcast series, or a public symposium.
Deadline: November 15, 2022

Media Fellows Program

APARRI will support scholars of APA religions to connect with the general public. The Media Fellows program will train scholars to write for non-academic audiences, and harness the use of social media platforms.
Deadline: Spring 2023

Collaborative Grants with Community/Faith Leaders

APARRI will offer grants for collaborative projects between APA religion scholars and APA faith communities. One of APARRI’s distinctive features is the active inclusion of APA faith leaders. We aim to strengthen bonds between religious communities and the academy by incentivizing community-based research partnerships. Deadline: TBA
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