Religious Studies

Northeast Critical Ethnic Studies Working Group

KC Choi, Kyung-Chik Han | Chair/Professor of Asian American Theology | Princeton Theological Seminary

Eleanor Craig | Administrative and Program Director for the Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights (EMR) and Lecturer | Harvard University

Kathy Chow | Graduate Student, Religious Studies | Yale University

Devin Singh | Associate Professor, Religion | Dartmouth College

Vikrant Dadawala | Lecturer of History and Literature | Harvard University

Darren Yau | Graduate Student, Religion | Princeton University

While Asian American religious studies scholars have given renewed attention to the racialized character of Asian American identity and religiosity, the current trajectory, which primarily considers Asian American racialization in relation to anti-Blackness, risks masking the myriad forces at play in the racialization of Asian Americans. Asian American religious studies might also consider Asian American racialization in relation to settler colonialism, queer critique, and overlapping imperial formations. This elision limits the possibilities of Asian American religious studies as a subfield. To respond to this problem, this working group considers how a sustained engagement with critical ethnic studies can inform research in Asian American religious studies. Our working group turns to critical ethnic studies to elevate a wider range of methods and objects in the hopes of expanding the theoretical horizons and disciplinary ends of Asian American religious studies.

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